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Shaolin Soccer Full Movie Chinese 17 (Updated 2022)




 . . abandons his temple in order to take revenge on the Shaolin Four Heavenly Kings. The film has been described as "an odd oeuvre of comedy" and "A Three-hundred-year-old Woo-woo Film". Plot The film's title comes from its three main characters: the Shaolin monk Wu Qing (Stephen Chow), the shaolinist Jiang Qing (Yap Chi-yee), and the owner of a second-hand bookshop. Wu Qing has abandoned the temple he's been living in for the past 300 years. He has turned his entire life, as well as the lives of those around him, into a game. Wu Qing has formed an anti-government guerrilla group called the "Shaolin Society" which is after revenge against the Shaolin Four Heavenly Kings. Wu Qing begins to steal money from the temple, which is the main source of income for the monks. He keeps the money hidden in books in his shop, which is actually a front for a bookshop. He changes the two books in the cash register to ones that cost more than their worth. He then returns the books with their real price marked. With the money he's stolen, he is able to buy weapons, which he then uses to fight for the anti-government guerrilla group. However, Wu Qing runs into trouble when a monk, Lin Chuan (Wong Ching-pong), is assigned to take care of the monk he has been following. Wu Qing tries to avoid Lin Chuan, but he sees him at a crossroads and follows him. He then sees Lin Chuan talking to a bookie. The bookie agrees to the monk's request for a large sum of money. Wu Qing decides to steal more money. After Wu Qing takes the money and returns it, the monk discovers that the money has been stolen. The monk decides to get even with Wu Qing by taking away his life. The monk has his body tattooed to look like a ninja. Wu Qing, thinking that it is his enemy, hides in the bookshop. The monk and Wu Qing fight in the bookshop and the monk actually manages to defeat Wu Qing. Wu Qing is amazed that Lin Chuan was able to beat him. Wu Qing is then taken to the Shaolin Temple, where he is attacked by the Shaolin Four Heavenly Kings. The monks try to save Wu Qing, but Wu Qing manages to escape.



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Shaolin Soccer Full Movie Chinese 17 (Updated 2022)
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